Our WakeSurfGear Riders

Dylan Ayala

My name is Dylan Ayala and I’m 17 years old. I live in Gilbert Arizona. I have been surfing for about a year and competitively surfing for 7 months. I love surfing because it is always different and you are always working on new tricks. Surfing bring me closer to all my family and friends. My favorite trick is backside airs and airs to 360s. Some tricks I’m working on are shuvs and Allie oops. Another thing I like doing on occasion is wakeboarding.




Riley Steffen

Waking up at 4:00 am may be crazy for every other 11 year old, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary for me. Living in Gilbert, Arizona, we have to get up really early to beat the heat, the crowds, and get the best water! Since I let go of the rope, in the fall of 2015, I have been addicted to wakesurfing and I want to be on the water every chance I get. With help, support, and coaching from my mom and stepdad (Duddy), I progressed quickly and started competing in 2016. I’ve gone from only carving, doing balance tricks and having dance parties on the wave, to trying harder tricks like 360s, air reverses, and riding backside. I still like to have my dance parties though and can’t resist rocking out to 80’s music! My first competition season, I placed first in all five competitions I entered, and was invited to the World Wakesurfing Championships where I placed second in the juniors division. 2017 has been fantastic so far, not only in competing, but with my progression too. It’s hard to believe that less that two years ago I wasn’t even wakesurfing! Actually, it’s hard to believe that there are people out there that don’t get to experience this joy and excitement, like I do. When people ask me if I love wakesurfing, I tell them, I don’t just love it, I have a passion for it! My wish for everyone, would be that they could learn to let go of the rope and share the energy and freedom I feel when I’m surfing that endless wave. Wakesurfing has brought so many good friends into my life and I have made invaluable memories. I appreciate the support of my family, sponsors, wakesurf family, and friends. Shred on and keep smiling!
Smiley Rylee



Cole McKnight

My name is Cole McKnight, I'm 16 years old and I live in Bellevue, Washington. I began wakesurfing in late 2016 and I just completed my first competitive year. I love going out on the lake every day and learning new tricks. My favorite trick has to be the alley-oop or a shifty air to 360. This past year has been great-- I placed 1st in all but one competition and won an amateur world championship. I'm a Blusurf team rider and I absolutely love my board. I can't wait for next season! Great, thanks!Thank you!Awesome!

Kelley Marsh

My name is Kelley Marsh I have a passion for wakesurfing and became completely addicted in 2016. I have the most awesome husband and daughter who is getting married next summer. It all started when My husband and I saw a video of a Nautique G23 making a surf wave and saw people surfing it. We looked at each other and both had the same idea let’s get that boat. We had bought our Nautique in 2016 and learned to wakesurf. Now I cannot imagine what life would be like without it. The energy that I feel when I am wakesurfing is amazing hard to articulate into words. It is my happy place my heart is full of life love and it truly regenerates my soul. I call it my therapy or attitude adjustment. I ride a 4’5 Soulcraft Super AV who is designed by Angie Viland who is my idol. I have met and befriended a community of people who are truly amazing talented bunch of humans who I am so grateful to have in my life. I love seeing people learn to wakesurf and I truly cherish my time on the water. My home lake is Lake Pleasant AZ. I wakesurf all Year now and so does my family and surf family. I count the days until I get to go on the water. If I could do it every day I would! I am currently competing in master women’s surf and I love it!